Ok, it's officially fucking cold here now.

Apparently I had found the wrong Olympic Casino yesterday, because there are others that have poker. I think I'm going to try and play in at least one of these tournaments. I wonder what all-in sounds like in Lithuanian?


I walked around for another few hours, toured the "high castle", etc. Had some pretty decent Turkish food for a late lunch, and then went to check out the 24h casino. It was a wash, no card games, seemed like video slots only. Didn't bother with it.


Ok, so I walked around for an hour, and my keen sense of direction had me walk past not one, but two, casinos. The closer of the two is only open from 1400-0400, but the other one is 24h. Perhaps I'll have to check one of the two out tonight :)

.us - > .lt

So I left NYC Friday night at 6:55pm EST (GMT-5) and got into Vilnius, Lithuania yesterday at around 2:30pm EET (GMT+2) after a short layover in Warsaw, Poland. Pretty long trip, but not as long as going to Tokyo or Sydney. My (3g 40gb) iPod lasted the whole way, but I did plug it into the laptop and charge it during the layover. I had actually considered bringing two, but it appears that wasn't necessary. The airport in Warsaw didn't seem to have net access anywhere, not even by wired kiosk, at least in the international transfer area.

The first thing I noticed about Vilnius is they don't give a shit who you are or what you're doing here, they just stamp your passport and let you through. The next was that flowers are a HUGE deal here. It seemed like three quarters of the people stepping off that plane had friends of family waiting for them with flowers. Someone even had a party of about 10 people waiting for her, where one of the guys played some song for her on a guitar and another taped it on a dv cam. There's flower shops all over the place, including in the airport, and later on I saw a flower market about the size of the union square farmers market a couple blocks away from the hotel.

The cab driver at the airport didn't want to take a 100 LTL bill, so I ended up giving him $20 USD and he gave me 5 euro change. Weird. I was totally overcharged (it should've been about $7 or 8 USD), but after spending $50 USD to get to JFK, it didn't seem like a big deal.

The hotel I'm staying at, e-guestHouse is pretty nice. They do have wired broadband in all of the rooms, but it goes through some kind of NAT that only allows TCP through, so it doesn't seem like I'll be able to use VoIP to call stateside without some gnarly hack. Perhaps Skype would work, but for whatever reason it won't let any deposits through with my Chase Visa or my Chase MC Check Card, and they don't accept Discover, Amex, or Paypal. I'll probably end up figuring out how to VPN or proxy RTMP over TCP over the next two weeks.

Last night I did an hour or two of walking around. It seemed totally dead. I was tired so I ended up back in the room at around 7 or 8 and made myself sleep until 7:30am. Today I'm going to attempt to get a haircut somewhere, get a local SIM card, and meet up with the rest of the crew. I will get at least one of those things done.

It seems that there are two casinos in town, so I might have to see what kind of poker they play around here. Probably next weekend, I guess.

Go Team Venture!

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